Oxidize Green - Silk Scarf

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 Oxidize Green - Silk Scarf

The moment we are born into the world, we take our first full gasp of oxygen and so starts the process of Oxidation for us as we begin to grow older. We begin to gain rust slowly and steadily. The umbilical cord that connects us with the giver of life is cut off and we are cut loose to fend for ourselves for the very first time.

The design of this scarf is a combination of colours, shapes and images that play on the concept of growing old through exposure to life and our irrefutable connection with mother nature.

The colours of our life cycle move from light to dark under the visible strand of our Dna.... our existence on silk...and it actually looks pretty. 

Size: 149cm x 42cm
Fabric: 100% Pure silk. Hand rolled and sewn edges